Revolutionizing the PowerPoint Dominated Industry

MDC Introduces Ability to Produce Multimedia Presentations in Web Browser- Revolutionizing the PowerPoint Dominated Industry

Seattle, WA – June 30, 2003 – Today, at the National Educational Computing Conference, Multimedia Design Corporation (MDC), a leading developer of multimedia authoring and playback software for K12 and higher education, announced two revolutionary products that will change the way the internet is leveraged for multimedia presentations. MDC has achieved a technological milestone by creating software that ‘authors on the web for the web.’

“mPOWER for the WEB enables users to create multimedia presentations within their browser, something that has not been possible in the past,” says Brian Snediker, CEO of MDC. “The applications for students are endless. They can create dynamic multimedia content with this tool, for things like class presentations, interactive learning environments, and extensive reports. This capability goes far beyond static, limited web pages.”

The technology includes the same presentation tools found on MDC’s desktop version as well as the benefits of being web-based. With mPOWER for the WEB, students can express their creative ideas in the format of a web presentation. In addition, they can remotely collaborate on projects and edit and playback wherever they are online. Teachers will appreciate the plug-in architecture for assessment and testing and full copyright protection. Adds Snediker, “it’s a technology that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.”

MDC also debuted the newest version of its widely used desktop authoring tool, mPOWER 5. There are currently over 150,000 mPOWER users in schools across the country. The company believes that mPOWER 5 improves student achievement, especially those who are at risk and who do not learn through traditional assessment. Title I and targeted assistance campuses will find this tool of particular interest. Among the enhancements to mPOWER 5 are cross-platform authoring and playback via a patent-pending XML format, enhanced image editing and paint functionality and much more. “But where MDC’s software distinguishes itself,” added Snediker “is the ease of use of our products. mPOWER 5 is straightforward enough that kids struggling with traditional methods of instruction can master its use, yet its robust enough to be widely used on the university and corporate levels.”

“We have made significant improvements to this already unique, unparalleled technology. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the schools reviewing the new version. Students are putting together some amazing project-based learning presentations that incorporate text, graphics, video, audio and animation.”

Multimedia Design Corporation, a developer of the widely used mPOWER® multimedia authoring software for K12 and higher education, announces the release of mPOWER 5® for Mac OS X.

Apple Expo, Paris, France, September 17, 2003 – The new mPOWER 5® on Mac OS X will enable students to create easy to use projects incorporating text, audio, video and other images. “Students have been creating great multimedia projects for years with our software on the Mac, but with this newest version, we have taken a giant leap forward” says Multimedia Design Corporation’s president, Brian Snediker. “We were able to leverage some key technologies of Mac OS X when we built mPOWER 5®, such as, native PDF support, protective memory, and QuickTime. The combination of Mac OS X and mPOWER’s patent-pending XML format, will enable students unparalleled capabilities in creating content.”

This powerful software, enables students’ unparalleled capabilities in creating content. Among the many new features of mPOWER 5® are the ability to import HyperStudio® and PowerPoint®, networkable for authoring and playback, importing digital images from almost any source, and an image editor and paint tool. The newest mPOWER has a different look and feel from previous versions, but has maintained its well-known straightforward functionality even with the addition of so much more.

“We believe that Mac OS X with its unique integration of critically acclaimed digital media applications, Internet software, stunning Aqua interface, and industry-standard networking capabilities offers each student the ability to achieve their potential success beyond their dreams,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Apple and Multimedia Design Corporation share the commitment of bringing easy-to-use multimedia technology to the classroom making student projects a powerful new learning experience.”

Multimedia Design Corporation has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the K12 and higher education schools reviewing the current release. Students are creating some amazing project-based learning content incorporating text, audio, video and animation. But perhaps the most significant technological milestone is that mPOWER 5® is XML based. Because mPOWER 5® can both read and write XML, all functions can be described in XML. The XML file format allows a presentation to include protected information without compromising copyrights and allows for dynamic data to be included in mPOWER 5® presentations. The finished content is transferred as XML documents, thus consuming very little space or bandwidth. All media objects are referenced, making content management much more controlled and efficient. Of course, the focus of mPOWER has and will continue to be improving student achievement through project-based learning. To assist in this goal, mPOWER 5® comes with free teacher and student work-at-home privileges.